The Royal Residences Tour

Unesco Experience among Royal Residences, Langa and Monferrato landscapes

The Residences of the Royal House of Savoy, located in Turin and the surrounding area, representing a landscape full of monumental architecture in the European seventeenth and eighteenth century using the style, size and space to illustrate, in material terms, the ideology of the monarchy. Along the rivers and the hills of the province of Turin, 21 castles and historic houses are ready to welcome you with their medieval towers and moats, but also with the hospitality of beautiful countryside residences of the nobility of Savoy.




Some of these residences represent real places symbol of the power of Savoy while others were used by monarchs as holiday destinations, and more for the life of the court. Among the first sites include the palaces in Turin from the Royal Palace, the center of the court and of political power in the Senate, where he was proclaimed the birth of the Kingdom of Italy; Palazzo Carignano, a symbol of the history of the House of Savoy, which now houses the Museo del Risorgimento, Palazzo Chiablese.
The building Stupinigi hunting and the castle of Rivoli represented instead places where the monarchs organized parties and social events. Racconigi Castle, surrounded by a magnificent park, was the place where the monarchs spent their holiday. Today you can visit the Castle not only to relive the glories of the House of Savoy, admiring the original furnishings and stunning collection of portraits, but also to wander through greenhouses and farms and spot the storks that nest in the park, an oasis of great interest.

A history of seven centuries, which saw the passage of dukes, princes and kings: the Castle of Agliè, formerly owned by the Marquis San Martino boasts an ancient and noble past, as evidenced by the variety of equipment that still characterize apartments and gardens. Surrounded by a park with old trees and large greenhouses, the castle has over 300 rooms with a wealth of valuable furnishings and collections and diverse, ranging from paintings to archaeological finds, to the amazing collections of birds and orientali.Il Ballroom and frescoed the sequence of period rooms perfectly preserved make the castle a triumph of elegance and noble splendore. Residenze and fortresses can be seen also in the neighboring Valle d’Aosta where stand out among all the Forte di Bard, the only fortified town in the region of Savoy, and the castle Fenis. Aimed at the prestigious venue of representing all the major members of the family Challants, the castle was equipped with an impressive defensive system, and elegant decorative paintings, symbols of power and prestige. The castle of Saint-Pierre, situated on a rocky promontory in Tache, was for a time owned by the Savoy family.



Tour of the old town centre, which includes Palazzo Reale and its Gardens, Palazzo Madama and Palazzo Carignano. After a pleasant walk towards Piazza Vittorio Veneto(the largest square in Europe), lunch at the plaza. In the afternoon transfer to the Reggia of Venaria. Tour of the palace and dinner in site. Return to Torino and overnight stay.

Breakfast and departure towards the hunting lodge Residence of Stupinigi. A place of leisure and hunting, this was the favourite place of Savoy family to give spectacular parties and celebrate solemn marriages, as well as being the Napoleon residence in the early 19th century. The building began in 1729 on a Filippo Juvarra’s design project, styled on the model of contemporary Central European Residences. For completing the project, also Benedetto Alfieri and other architects of the 1700s gave their contribution, while cabinetmakers and carvers, stucco decorators and gilders helped to achieve the final decorative display. It houses the Furniture Museum since, which safeguards precious items of furniture, chinoiseries and masterpieces by cabinetmakers and craftsmen coming also from other Savoy Residences. Transfer to Racconigi to visit the castle and the Royal Park and have luch nearby. In the late afternoon tour of the Rivoli Castle, which has a prestigious permanent collection and occasional major exhibitions in an original historical and architectural context. Return to Torino, dinner and ovenight stay.

In the morning tour of the ducal castle of Agliè. With a history going back 7 centuries, involving dukes, princes and kings, the Castle, formerly belonging to the marquises of San Martino, has an ancient and noble past, as can be seen by the variety of decor that still features in apartments and gardens. Surrounded by a park with ancient trees and vast glasshouses, the castle has over 300 rooms, containing a legacy of furniture and precious, eclectic collections ranging from paintings to archaeological finds and through to surprising ornithological and oriental collections. Lunch and Piemonte wines tasting in Carema. Departure towards Saint Vincent with a stop-over in bard to visit the Fort. Dinner and overnight stay.


Breakfast and visit of the Fenis Castle, situated on a small hill with no natural defenses. Proceeding to Aosta to have lunch. Tour of the city: a fascinating walk through time and space to discover the ancient Roman colony of Augusta Praetoria Salassorum and its breathtaking Middle Ages’ monuments: the Roman Bridge, the Arch of Augustus, the basilica of Saint Lorenzo, the church complex of Saint Orso, the Roman theater. Dinner and overnight stay.

Departure from Aosta towards Saint-Pierre Castle. It represents a unique piece in its genre. The famous four side towers make it appear almost as Disneyland-like. Saint-Pierre is one of the most ancient castles in the region. It houses the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences. Once the visit is over, departure towards Sarre, a town located at 630 meters above the sea level. After visiting the churches of Saint-Maurice and Saint-Eustachee, in Chesallet, the tour will proceed to the famous fountaine date 1840, and then to Oveillan, to admire 18th century chapel dedicated to Saint Bernard and the old mill, formerly operated by Macoin River waters. Lunch at a local restaurant and tour of the Sarre Royal Castle, a beautiful testimony of the Savoys’ presence in the Aosta Valley. Arrive in Courmayeur, dinner and overnight stay.

In the morning walk through the streets of Courmayeur. The town shows an authentic mountain atmosphere, which is breathable by walking both the central Via Roma, and the narrow and winding neighbors that surround the centre of Courmayeur. Transfer to Chamonix. It is reachable either by bus or by taking the Mont Blanc cable car. Dinner and overnight stay in Chamonix.


Morning dedicated to walk the streets of Chamonix, with a natural heritage of valleys, snow-capped peaks, green meadows and an incredible variety of flora and fauna. Lunch on site. Departure for Martigny. The small town is located on the Rhone elbow in the Lower Valais and It is the hub of the pass routes across the Sempione, the Great Saint Bernardo and Forclaz. Martigny’s history stretches back 2000 years: Celtic tribes, the Romans and Napoleon’s troupes have left behind many traces. A restored amphitheatre, Roman thermal baths, temples and living quarters can be admired in Martigny today. Return to Turin through the Gran San Bernardo Tunnel. Dinner and overnight stay.

The Royal Residences Tour
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