“The most beautiful thing, and I think that all cyclists will agree with me, is the opportunity to relate to people and places. You can stop at a service station to drink water, stop on the street, talking to people … this rewards You much more than a simple trip. For this reason I say that the bicycle for me is not a means of transport but a journey in itself.”


More and more tourists choose the two wheels to get away from the daily grind and discover a new way to experience natural beauty, traditions, culture, food and wine. Traveling by bike allows you to fully enjoy surroundings, to have a slow pace, relaxed and tailored on your needs. It’s a different kind of holiday, active and comfortable, made for curious travelers who don’t stop in front of appearances but want to see and deeply understand the territory. Exploring the World by bike is a way to move more authentic, closer to the experiences of great travelers of the past. You’ll bring back home a lot of memories and emotions.

Piedmont offers the opportunity to choose between different routes depending on the travelers needs. For families, couples or groups of friends there are paths within the city or its immediate surroundings that allow you to appreciate the beauty of Turin and the nature that surrounds it. For the most trained, who don’t mind some uphill and some difficulty, the region offers breath-taking views of the hills and the sparkling mountains that crown Piedmont. For example, you can choose the three-day in the countryside between Turin and the Alps. Or three days between the medieval Avigliana and along rivers. The most dynamic partecipants and the ones who love challenges can throw in a nice ride on the hills of the Canavese, in constant ups and downs, through chestnut woods and vineyards of Erbaluce and Canavese Rosso. There are some greedy stops, which are not bad: wine tasting in a wine cellar, a “merenda sinoira”, the typical snack of Piedmont countryside, and a lunch of local delicacies.

Travel Program

Arrival in Torino. Transfer to Piazza Castello, to begin the City Sightseeing Tour of Torino. The tour is exclusive and will include the entire centre of the city on a private bus. After the bus tour, visit to Palazzo Reale and its Gardens and to Palazzo Madama. Free time to walk the centre of the city. Dinner and overnight stay. (visit the city centre at your leisure. In Italy’s first capital city you will encounter culture in its many forms: from baroque architecture, typical of the period of domination of the Savoia dynasty, to industrial design, a field where movements and leaders often rose to fame in this city, from art films to publishing. While many people imagine Turin to be a grey industrial city, it has actually the most green space per inhabitant of any Italian city.)


After breakfast you set off along the cycle path on the banks of the Po river, in the shadow of magnificent Caucasian nut trees; lulled by the murmur of the river flowing in the opposite direction, you observe the city, its monuments and enormous piazzas. The route continues along cycle paths to the gates of the Hunting Palace of Stupinigi. A place of leisure and hunting, this was the favourite place of Savoy family to give spectacular parties and celebrate solemn marriages, as well as being the Napoleon residence in the early 19th century. You enter the park of the Stupinigi Palace and explore it in the company of numerous and trustful squirrels. Finally, riding along country lanes dominated by the vision of Monviso on the horizon you arrive in Pinerolo.

You follow quiet cycle paths and reach the old town centre of Frossasco, where the Museo del Gusto (Taste Museum) allows to discover typical local products, learn about local gastronomic tradition and modern contaminations and explore our senses of taste and smell. Again on cycle paths you reach Giaveno, where the route passes close to a famous chocolate craftsman. A pleasant and panoramic descent leads you effortlessly to the banks of the lakes of Avigliana. The lakes have individual peculiarities that differentiate them one from another. The Small Lake which pours its waters into the Big Lake, has undoubtedly great naturaless features, because it is surrounded by forests, meadows and a grove of reeds.


You cross the alleys of the medieval town centre of Avigliana, where many buildings are decorated with splendid ceramic tiles, continuing to a magnificent abbey in piedmont gothic style. Then you reach the charming city of Rivoli, whose famous caste today hosts the Museum of Contemporary Arts. You leave Rivoli following the alleys of the historic city centre and continue to Venaria, where the splendid “Reggia” (Palatial Mansion), the most imposing of all the Savoia palaces, is worth a visit.

After breakfast, you enter and cross the “Parco della Mandria”, the largest walled park in Europe, completed on behalf of Vittorio Emanuele II. Then a very pleasant ride lead you across the “Vaude” area, the local moors, along the rich countryside until the town of Ciriè, with its historical center. With short ride you reach Rivarolo where you stay the night.

You start the day with the small town of San Giorgio, where it is possible to taste the special “biscotti della Duchessa” (Duchess’ biscuits) made by a typical local cake shop. Then you reach Aglie’, With a history going back 7 centuries, involving dukes, princes and kings, the Castle, formerly belonging to the marquises of San Martino, has an ancient and noble past, as can be seen by the variety of decor that still features in apartments and gardens. Surrounded by a park with ancient trees and vast glasshouses, the castle has over 300 rooms, containing a legacy of furniture and precious, eclectic collections ranging from paintings to archaeological finds and through to surprising ornithological and oriental collections. The route then winds across the morenic hills of the Eporediese amphitheatre descending to the lake of Candia and then crossing the plains to Chivasso with the Monferrato hills on the horizon.

Once again you ride along the Po against the direction of flow, in an area which is excellent for bird watching, both local and migratory species. Soon you are back at the starting point of the tour. In the afternoon, take some time to enjoy a visit to the panoramic “Basilica” of Superga or the centre of Turin.


It is possible to stay longer in Turin and visit the museums of Cinema, the Automobile and Egyptian relics, then maybe enjoy an “aperitivo”, a ritual originated in Turin over 200 years ago.

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